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BALL Watches

Since 1891, BALL is a timekeeping pioneer and celebrated manufacturer of quality, precise and reliable mechanical timepieces. Every BALL watch runs on the spirit of the American railroads while incorporating today’s premier technology, unique luminosity and finest Swiss craftsmanship – all to ensure accuracy under adverse conditions.


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BALL Marvelight Chronometer

Engineer III Marvelight Chronometer

The Marvelight Chronometer series reveals a perfectly balanced design promenading elegance while remaining sporty. This iconic model is now available in a variety of new colors like modernist green, burgundy red and ice blue.

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Ball Roadmaster

Roadmaster Marine GMT

Innovation for fearless exploration. World’s first GMT timepiece with day and date functions, the Marine GMT series is the ultimate watch for adventure beyond the reach of land.

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BALL Engineer II Collection

Engineer Master II

The Engineer Master II collection pays homage to the paramount role of engineers in train travel with a variety of robust, aesthetic and precise timepieces.

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BALL Engineer III

Engineer II / III

Classic looks, natural elegance and unparalleled performance in any situation. This series embodies the most remarkable technical exploits with completely understated designs.

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BALL Engineer M Collection

Engineer M

Magnificent. Majestic. Manufacture. All befitting descriptors of the Engineer M series, which exclusively features our manufacture chronometer caliber movements.

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BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon Collection

Engineer Hydrocarbon

Built to handle the best of the worst. Its unrivalled innovation and impenetrable toughness includes our patented triple folding buckle, special crown guard, ultimate shock protection and our most robust water resistance.

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BALL Trainmaster Collection


The Trainmaster series echoes the first BALL timepieces stamped with “BALL’s Standard” and represents an inspired evolution of our heritage, imbued with the timeless attributes of elegance, simplicity and precision.

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BALL Fireman Collection


Equal parts ruggedness and sophistication, durability and precision. The broad collection features high practicality and functionality inherited from the railroads.

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BALL Roadmaster Collection


Named for those who are in charge of guiding railroad infrastructure, the Roadmaster series is a diverse collection of timepieces that combines unique materials, robust resistance technology and distinct designs.

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About BALL Watches

Look closely at every BALL timepiece and you’ll see two boldly emblazoned letters: RR. Railroad. This enduring heritage stretches back more than 130 years to the age of powerful locomotives, burgeoning freedom and the obsession of Webb C. Ball, whose watchmaking expertise and high standards of precision revolutionized watchmaking and timekeeping forever.

BALL Watch company was literally founded by accident. Following a tragic 1891 Kipton, Ohio head-on train collision, American railroad companies appointed Webster Clay Ball "Chief Time Inspector" to supervise newly synchronized timing protocols. This standardized "railroad time" efficiency originated the popular "Be on the Ball" proverb and inspired the future Swiss Society of Chronometry (COSC) which governs the highest watch timing certification standards today.

At his death, Webb C. Ball had contributed more than any other person in creating the performance and accuracy requirements for railroad watches. His work in crafting the most precise timepieces and instituting an inspection system was imperative and extraordinary. It not only improved railroad operations, it was an essential part of timekeeping’s foundation. Today functionality remains a top priority, so BALL will go to special lengths to work special technologies into its timepieces and it is one of few brands to use tritium gas tubes to light up the timepieces. With this heritage, BALL is continuing its role today as a key protagonist in the evolution of watchmaking history.

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