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Chanel Watches

With the same creative boldness that characterised Gabrielle Chanel, each CHANEL watch gives time a unique allure with its instantly recognisable style.

Chanel J12 Collection

The J12 Watch

Stop for one second to discover the J12, an icon of CHANEL Watchmaking. The J12 watch is powered by the Calibre 12.1 or Calibre 12.2, self-winding movements produced by the Swiss Manufacture Kenissi, co-owned by CHANEL.

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In 1987, CHANEL created its first watch: the PREMIÈRE. The case evokes the stopper of the N°5 fragrance bottle. The original bracelet, interlaced with leather—like the chain of classic CHANEL handbags—has been reinterpreted.

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CHANEL was founded in 1910 by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Hats and womenswear were the brand’s first ventures in the world of fashion, but it quickly progressed to selling fragrances, cosmetics and skincare products.

CHANEL launched its first timepiece, the Première in 1987, which was followed by numerous iconic ladies’ watches including the Mademoiselle Privé and the J12. Today, the creative passion that embodied Coco Chanel is still evident in CHANEL watches. From feminine beauty to chic athleticism, CHANEL is committed to creating classically beautiful watches for women that stand the test of time.

CHANEL’s collection of ladies’ watches is born from a tradition of excellence that intertwines expert horology with the intricate handiwork of a jeweller, making every moment that goes by exceptional.

Our range of CHANEL watches for women offers a wide variety of ladies’ styles, colours and designs. Whether you’re after a subtle, feminine aesthetic or a bold, ostentatious timepiece, you’re sure to find one to suit you.

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History of CHANEL

Coco Chanel opened her first hat boutique under the name “Chanel Modes” in Paris in 1910. A success from the beginning, the hats were worn by several well-known French actresses of the era and were the foundation on which she built her illustrious reputation.

The first CHANEL boutique was opened in 1912 as Coco began selling sportswear for women. Her approach was coveted for revolutionising fashion and women’s relationships with their bodies. The brand went on to become a household name and an icon in the fashion industry, worn by celebrities and distinguished individuals across the globe.

In 1987, CHANEL launched its first timepiece, the Première, before opening a watch boutique in Paris. CHANEL’s watches for women didn’t fail to impress and many other timepieces followed, most of which are still around to this day.

Why Buy CHANEL Watches for Women?

The exquisite craftsmanship of a highly skilled watchmaker is evident in CHANEL’s watches for women. Each timepiece is precisely handcrafted to ensure optimal performance and reliability, always allowing accurate timekeeping.

Alluring and free-spirited, as was Coco herself, CHANEL’s ladies’ watches epitomise effortless elegance. These stunning timepieces are more than simply accessories, they are statements of style that highlight the beauty of every woman who wears them.

Our collection of ladies’ CHANEL watches has been designed to accommodate a variety of tastes; from classic silhouettes that glitter with diamonds to eye-catching, contemporary designs, so you’re bound to find one of our CHANEL watches for women that complements you.

CHANEL Women’s Watch Collections

We offer a variety of collections of CHANEL watches for women to ensure you can find a piece to suit you. No matter whether you favour a modern aesthetic or a classic finish, you’re guaranteed to discover a timepiece to match your unique taste.

Women who favour an androgynous style will appreciate the BOY.FRIEND Beige Gold watch. An angular dial and sleek case combine with a strap of leather, alligator, calf or stainless steel for a look that blends feminine beauty with a masculine edge.

Ladies with a taste for opulence are guaranteed to be delighted by our collection of J12 ceramic watches. These award-winning timepieces are available for sale in black, white or even a combination of both. They will certainly capture attention.

Browse these collections and more CHANEL watches for women at Goldsmiths.

Caring for Your CHANEL Women’s Watch

Your CHANEL watch is a carefully constructed instrument and requires a little TLC to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Your watch should be serviced every four to five years and CHANEL also recommends a check every two years to make sure that it remains water-resistant. Watches that are regularly submerged in water should have their resistance checked annually.

We offer in-store servicing via our Newcastle and Middlesbrough boutiques. Alternatively, you can choose to have your piece sent to a CHANEL watch workshop. 

You can clean your CHANEL watch at home in between services as required. Watches with ceramic, metal and rubber bracelets can be cleaned with soapy water and rinsed, before being dried with a soft cloth. Ensure the crown is firmly screwed in before submerging your watch in water. Watches with leather or satin straps can be polished with a soft, dry cloth, while white rubber bracelets can be lightly scrubbed with a soft brush, a little warm water and some bicarbonate of soda.

We know that sometimes accidents happen, which is why we offer Goldsmiths Care on CHANEL ladies’ watches. This service will protect your new watch against accidental damage, theft and malfunction. All you need to do is visit one of our UK stores to submit a claim and we’ll repair or replace your CHANEL watch as soon as possible. Choose between three or five years’ protection – you’ll be covered with just one easy payment and there won’t be any extra fees to pay if you make a claim. 

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If you would like assistance in finding the right CHANEL watch, simply book an appointment for a consultation and one of our horology experts will be delighted to assist you.

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