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Citizen Watches for Men & Women

Citizen are one of the world's largest watch brands, known for their advanced technology. The award winning Citizen Eco-Drive watches are powered by light and never require a battery.

Citizen Red Arrows

Citizen Red Arrows

Precision, accuracy, timing, and always pushing the limits, these are the qualities that make the red arrows what they are today. They share these qualities with Citizen watches, which is exactly why they have partnered together.

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Turn up the colour with this ultra-modern collection of automatic timepieces from Citizen.

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Citizen Red Arrows Collection

Red Arrows

Precision, accuracy, timing, and always pushing the limits, these are the qualities that make the red arrows what they are today. They share these qualities with Citizen watches, which is exactly why they have partnered together.

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Citizen TSUYOSA Collection


Turn up the colour with this ultra-modern collection of automatic timepieces from Citizen.

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Citizen Series 8

Series 8

Discover Citizen’s Series 8 mechanical collection of modern timepieces for a modern world. With their contemporary, dynamic styling Series 8 watches suit any scene.

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Citizen Smartwatches Collection

Citizen Smartwatches

You no longer have to decide between a smartwatch and a watch with style. CZ Smart from Citizen brings the two worlds together for a timepiece that fits your modern lifestyle.

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Citizen Atomic Timekeeping Collection

Atomic Timekeeping

Combined with Citizen´s proprietary light powered Eco-Drive technology, when owning a Citizen Atomic Timekeeping watch you will get precise time powered by any light source.

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Citizen Promaster Dive Collection

Promaster Dive

Discover Citizen’s iconic Promaster watches with advanced functions designed to venture the deepest depths.

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Citizen Super Titanium Collection

Super Titanium

Featuring titanium coated with Citizen's proprietary surface hardening technology. 5x harder than stainless steel and 40% lighter.

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Citizen Classic Collection


Discover Citizen’s Classic collection, featuring clean lines and classic designs that never goes out of style.

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Citizen Ladies Collection


Discover Citizen Ladies' Watches including the Diamond and Silhouette collections. Shine bright with a beautiful Citizen timepiece.

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About Citizen Watches

Citizen is one of the world’s biggest watch brands and has been a leader in the watchmaking sphere for over 100 years. The brand is renowned for its state-of-the-art technology and innovations which consistently break boundaries in the world of horology. Pioneers in the field, Citizen was first to create quartz and titanium watches, as well as paving the way in sustainable timekeeping, with the introduction of the award-winning Citizen Eco-Drive watches, which are completely solar-powered.

Influenced by its Japanese heritage, Citizen has put the notion that society’s needs come before our own at the heart of the brand. It continues to strive towards progressive thinking, social responsibility and maintaining an inclusive view of the world, with a passion for self-development and belief that “Better Starts Now”, motivating the brand to embrace opportunity and growth.

Excellence and creativity with an ingrained respect for great craftmanship are what make Citizen watches a favourite among luxury watchmakers across the globe. Paying homage to its origin as a pure manufacture d’horlogerie, Citizen’s manufacturing process is carefully managed to ensure every timepiece meets strict production and quality standards. Every step of the process is monitored, from building the individual facets of the watches to the finishing touches, ensuring neither quality nor style is compromised.

Browse our range of Citizen watches for men and women online today or visit one of our UK stores to see the collection yourself.

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History of Citizen Watches

Citizen was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1918. It was behind some of the biggest innovations in horology, including Japan’s first shock-resistant watch in 1956 followed by the country’s first water-resistant watch in 1959. Citizen was also an early adapter of sustainable watchmaking, launching the world’s first solar-powered watches with the trademarked Citizen Eco-Drive technology in 1976.

Over the years, Citizen has continued to pave the way in watchmaking innovations and eco-friendly horology, making a name for itself that quickly became known across the globe. In 2018 the brand was present at various Disney Parks & Resorts worldwide. This along with several co-branded watch collections for Disney, Marvel and Star Wars was part of a collaboration with the entertainment giant and further raised Citizen’s broad appeal in countries around the world. Today, Citizen’s mission is simple. It strives for better and for making every minute count. “If time never stops, why should we?”

Why Buy a Citizen Watch?

No matter whether you’re seeking a sustainable alternative to your current timepiece, or you simply want the best of modern watchmaking technology, Citizen’s watches are sure to satisfy your needs. While best known for its functionality, the brand refuses to compromise on style, so rest assured you’ll always look polished when flaunting a Citizen watch.

Renowned for precision and advanced innovations, Citizen watches are always ahead of their time. Their award-winning Citizen Eco-Drive technology led to the creation of the very first solar-powered watches, in which any light source including artificial, natural and even dim light can be used to power Citizen’s Eco-Drive pieces instead of batteries.

If you’re seeking an exceptional timepiece with the latest in modern technology, you’re in the right place. Here at Goldsmiths, we have a range of Citizen watches for men and women offering a range of different looks, so no matter what your style, you’re sure to find a watch to match.

Citizen Collections

We offer a number of collections of Citizen watches for men and women, so no matter whether you favour a modern, technical aesthetic or a classic-looking watch, you’re guaranteed to find the right timepiece for you.

The Citizen Red Arrows collection was inspired by the prowess and calibre of the British Royal Air Force’s aerobatics display team of the same name. Each piece captures the essence of Japanese engineering, crafted from the highest quality material and designed for optimal performance. This limited-edition collection also features Citizen Eco-Drive technology to support solar power and a chronograph complication.

Citizen’s Atomic Timekeeping watches for men are revered for their superior accuracy and can synchronise to an atomic clock with a margin of error of only one second in 100,000 years. Featuring the famed Citizen Eco-Drive solar technology, each piece is designed with the planet in mind, and the bold design and sporty aesthetic make it the ideal watch for everyday wear.

Browse these collections and more Citizen watches here at Goldsmiths.

Caring for your Citizen Watch

Citizen watches are delicate instruments so it’s important to take good care of them to ensure they last for years to come. We recommend having your watch serviced regularly along with cleaning it at home. At Goldsmiths, we offer in-store watch servicing at our Newcastle and Middlesbrough boutiques, or you can choose to have your watch sent to a workshop for Citizen watches.

While our watch servicing includes a deep clean of your Citizen watch, you can also clean it yourself at home if it just needs a little polish. Please refer to the care instructions in your user manual.

We know sometimes accidents happen, which is why we offer Goldsmiths Care on Citizen watches. This service will protect your new watch against accidental damage and theft. All you need to do is visit one of our stores to submit a claim and we’ll repair or replace your watch as soon as possible. Choose between three or five years’ protection – you’ll be covered with just one simple payment and there won’t be any additional fees if you make a claim.

Find your luxury Citizen Watch today

Our exquisite selection of Citizen watches for men and women is available for sale online or visit one of our UK stores and choose your perfect timepiece in person. If you would like assistance in finding the right Citizen watch for you, simply book an appointment for a consultation and one of our horology experts will be happy to help.

If you need to make a decision today, our Luxury Virtual Boutique is open from 9am–9pm (GMT) seven days a week. You’ll be guided through a personalised tour of our Citizen watches by one of our friendly in-house experts and will receive immediate, real-time advice.

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