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Fope Jewellery

With collections rich in elegance, style and class, FOPE jewellery creates divine pieces for women across the globe. Brimming with innovative flair, FOPE takes timeless classics and injects them with unmistakable Italian glamour in exquisite jewellery collections. The unique FOPE design is admired by many and desired by all. For different women, for different souls, FOPE jewellery is designed to appeal to individual tastes. Whether it’s their patented flexible gold bracelets or twisted white gold rings, each piece is truly irresistible.

Fope Panorama

Fope Panorama

The Panorama collection embodies a true celebration of the understated luxury with an extra touch of elegance.

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Fope Luna Collection

Fope Luna

This is the amazing and Bold FOPE Luna Collection , a contemporary, heavy mesh gold chain collection that has been made totally flexible by the brand’s innovative patented system.

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We are proud to boast an exceptional selection of FOPE jewellery. We house bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings in silver and varieties of gold online and in our UK stores. From effortless class to graceful simplicity – we have it all.

Fope Souls


Jewellery is often gifted as a symbol of love and, for the first time, FOPE has designed a collection dedicated to couples or to represent the bonds of a special relationship.

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Fope Must Have Collection


The Flex’it bracelets are bestselling pieces in all FOPE’s collections. Crafted in Italy, they represent a unique experience of elegance and comfort thanks to their flexible mesh solely made of 18 carat gold.

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Fope Luna Collection


This new collection features choker style necklaces that simulate the look of a rigid choker with all the comfort of a smooth flexible gold mesh that FOPE’s fine Jewellery collections are best known for – a new ground-breaking application from the brand.

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Fope Aria Collection


Aria is made from a new delicate, fine gold mesh chain and is aimed at emerging luxury consumers, tapping into the athleisure fashion trend. Pieces within the Aria collection have been designed to be mixed and matched in the three gold colourways.

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Fope Eka Collection


Eka has been the first FOPE jewellery range to apply the concept of flexibility using the innovative Flex’it system to a classic luxury gold mesh design. This has transformed the way women wear jewellery.

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Fope Love Nest Collection

Love Nest

Made entirely from 18ct gold, the Love Nest collection is characterised by a tubular mesh chain and Flex'it bracelets. Its tightly woven mesh and soft contours present a more contemporary line of luxury flexible jewellery.

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Fope Prima Collection


The mesh chain disguises dozens of tiny 18ct gold springs which enable its flexibility. With variations featuring beautiful gold or diamond rondels, each piece is intricate enough to make a statement yet subtle enough to stack with other FOPE creations.

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Fope Solo Collection


With a flexible gold mesh and a variety of enviable pieces to include chokers, tassel necklaces, earrings and rings, featuring signature gold rondels with or without diamonds which are ideal to mix and match.

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Fope Vendome Collection


The round shapes typical of the Novecento chain see a more geometrical interpretation within the Vendôme collection which is characterised by an oval mesh chain.

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Fope Panorama Collection


The Panorama collection represents a true celebration of the understated luxury which FOPE has always championed - with an extra touch of elegance.

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Fope Essentials Collection


FOPE keeps experimenting and designing beautiful jewels. Discover the latest pieces, including the Essentials collection which embodies a true celebration of the everyday luxury which FOPE has always championed - with a light touch of elegance.

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Many different women, or maybe a woman with many different souls. Details recalling exotic places and distant traditions. Everyday Journey, FOPE’s latest campaign, showcases the versatility and elegance of the FOPE jewellery which becomes the ideal complement to any situation, while being essential to any outfit. The campaign will expand upon the theme of travels and unravel its multicultural plot during the next two years.

Fope Boutique

Fope Boutique

Discover our FOPE boutique at 1A Old Bond Street, London or find a local FOPE showroom.

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The History of FOPE Jewellery

Umberto Cazzola built the foundation of the FOPE jewellery brand back in 1929. From 20 employees working in a small workshop, it transformed into a cutting-edge factory after World War II. The iconic flexible metal straps were the core of the brand's production until the late 1960s.

Fast forward to 2000 and FOPE inaugurated its new building in the centre of Vicenza. The new headquarters brought FOPE's immense passion for jewellery production and state-of-the-art technology together.

After developing and fine-tuning its ground-breaking Flex'it system, it was applied to the brand's signature gold mesh chain to create a stunning piece that women held dear. This advanced into a collection named Eka, which was the culmination of a revolution in the way women wear jewellery.

FOPE in the present day

FOPE celebrated its 90th birthday in 2019, with a huge company restyling marking their fantastic achievement and dedication to fine jewellery production. FOPE has continued to design distinctive jewellery for women and truly made its mark in the industry.

Why choose FOPE jewellery

Each piece of dazzling FOPE jewellery is made to be adored. Every gorgeous bracelet, ring, necklace and pair of earrings gets made in-house and bears the brand's beautiful, timeless class. FOPE blends its unique style with traditional fine jewellery to create truly special pieces. Its pioneering design and impeccable eye for detail have earned FOPE international acclaim in the jewellery industry.

FOPE is behind the opulent Flex'it system, which uses small springs placed carefully between each link to construct elegant flexible jewellery. Each piece gets crafted to hug the contours of your skin and empower any women who wear it.

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The Eka Collection

The Eka Collection is FOPE’s most iconic. It was the first FOPE jewellery range to apply the innovative Flex'it system to stand-out gold mesh designs. Since the birth of the Eka collection, FOPE has transformed the way women wear jewellery. The FOPE 18ct Yellow & White Gold Diamond Eka Anni Necklace is a dazzling addition to the Eka collection. The alluring gold chain drapes beautifully around the neck while the diamond centrepiece creates a captivating focal point.

The Panorama Collection

If you’re looking for understated luxury, the Panorama range is perfect for you. Each piece gets carefully designed to offer signature FOPE elegance with added delicacy. The FOPE 18ct Yellow & White Gold Panorama Pave Necklace showcases the very best of the collection.

FOPE Essentials Collection

FOPE jewellery is ever-evolving. With more ravishing styles to choose from it can be hard to know where to start. The FOPE Essentials Collection shines a light on the top picks for everyday glamour, helping you find your perfect piece. The FOPE Essentials 18ct White Gold Flex’it 7mm Medium Ring is the definition of subtle beauty. The stunning white gold chain sits attractively around your finger. What’s more, its simplistic style makes it extremely versatile and wearable for any occasion.

Caring for your FOPE jewellery

Regularly cleaning your FOPE jewellery will ensure it stays sparkling for a lifetime. Gently clean your items by soaking them in warm water and softly brushing away any visible dirt and grime. However, if you can’t clean it yourself, Goldsmiths offers a jewellery cleaning service for your special pieces. We understand that fine jewellery deserves to be cared for, so let us do the hard work for you. To keep your rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings looking their best, we recommend you schedule a cleaning at your local Goldsmiths showroom every year.

Get FOPE jewellery at Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths is at your service to help you find your dream piece of FOPE jewellery. Simply shop online or visit one of our stores across the UK. For more information about our FOPE jewellery collections, contact our dedicated team.

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