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Palladium  Wedding Rings 

Palladium, although very rare compared to even platinum, has a long history as a precious metal in jewellery, first used in the 1930’s, and often combined with silver. This continues today, with Goldsmiths offering palladium wedding rings in two grades – 950, which is 95% palladium, 5% silver, and 500, which is an even split of each metal.

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Exhibiting a slightly greyer tone than white gold or platinum to the trained eye, this exotic material is both very hard and durable. Being part of the same group of metals as platinum, palladium shares its scratch-resistance, instead accruing minor displacements from knocks and scuffs that form a graceful patina with age and losing no weight in the process. As an heirloom, a wedding ring in palladium is a great choice, requiring very little maintenance and maintaining its value over time.

Palladium also shares the hypoallergenic nature of its metallic sibling, requiring no alloy additives such as nickel to harden the material. Despite these similarities to platinum, palladium is significantly lighter than other precious metals, so if you require a lightweight precious metal, this is the perfect choice. Goldsmiths offers a range of finishes, designs and widths to enable you to find your perfect palladium wedding ring.

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