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Ulysse Nardin Watches

Since 1846, Ulysse Nardin watches have changed how the world tells the time. Ulysse Nardin originally set out to develop his own marine chronometers for navigation. The results of his ideas have pushed boundaries to create a collection of ultra-high-precision timepieces. With innovation after innovation, the brand marries the age-old art of Haute Horlogerie with transformative technology, breakthrough performance and original design.


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Ulysse Nardin Diver

Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton

A sporty appeal, while taking a radical step towards transparency Diver X Skeleton is an explosive fusion between the sporty design of a Diver and technical prowess of the Executive Skeleton. It’s a match that was written in the stars.

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Ulysse Nardin Blast

Ulysse Nardin Blast

The contemporary, bold design of watches from the Blast collection makes them instantly recognizable. Their easy-to-use functionality makes them indispensable.

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Ulysse Nardin Diver Collection


A unidirectional rotating bezel and high water resistance confirm a timepiece from the Diver collection as both a highly reliable diving instrument, and a distinctively elegant sports watch.

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Ulysse Nardin Executive Collection


The contemporary, bold design of watches from the Blast collection makes them instantly recognizable. Their easy-to-use functionality makes them indispensable.

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Ulysse Nardin Marine Collection


Paying tribute to Ulysse Nardin's rich history with the sea, the Marine collection has been designed to offer the ultimate expression of technical performance and beautiful design.

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Ulysse Nardin Freak Collection


The Freak collection transformed the traditional watch dial by removing the crown and hands to create striking avant-garde designs that deliver exceptional performance.

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Mark Toulson - Head of Watch Buying

We Recommend: Ulysse Nardin

“In the latest collection of Ulysse Nardin novelties, it’s the dials that immediately catch the attention. Their skeleton designs create a looking-glass effect into the beating hearts of their beautiful mechanical movements and complications – including its in-house UN-172 movement as seen in the Blast collection, and the UN-230 movement that powers the Freak X. If there’s one brand that’s guaranteed to keep you excited about the art of high-end watchmaking each and every time you roll your wrist to check the time, it is surely Ulysse Nardin.”

Mark Toulson - Head of Watch Buying

About Ulysse Nardin

Technology is driving the world at unfathomable speed. For watchmaking manufacture Ulysse Nardin, it has captained its course for almost two centuries. Calculating the waning and waxing of the moon to harness time and tides with exactitude, Ulysse Nardin changed how the world told time. Innovation upon innovation, it steers the craft into the future, marrying the age-old art of Haute Horlogerie with transformative technology, astounding with breakthrough performance and original design.

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The heritage of Ulysse Nardin watches

Ulysse Nardin was born in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1823 and worked as an apprentice for his watchmaking father before moving on to learn from timepiece expert William DuBois. In 1846, he set up his own workshop and the first Ulysse Nardin watches were soon in development.

In the beginning, his workshop was little more than a counter with watches displayed and signed by himself. However, this was just the beginning of a worldwide enterprise that has lasted more than 150 years.

Ulysse Nardin soon became an authority in nautical timekeeping precision, a standard-bearer to which all others are compared. The brand’s marine chronometers are among the most reliable ever made and are highly sought after by collectors from all around the world.

Technology and attention to detail

Ulysse Nardin is a pioneering brand at the cutting-edge of technology. It is known for its innovative use of the material silicium – a metalloid that resembles metal without possessing all its properties. It presents a series of properties that make it perfectly suitable for use in micromechanical precision; a field that includes watchmaking.

The brand is also one of only a few with the in-house expertise of enamelling. This decorative technique is mastered only by a handful of skilled craftsmen and is only used on the most exceptional of men's and women's Ulysse Nardin watches.

Its exceptional level of watchmaking excellence has earned Ulysse Nardin membership in the most exclusive circle of Swiss watchmaking: the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie.

The Ulysse Nardin watch collections

From two Swiss manufacturing sites in Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds, Ulysse Nardin watches continue to be made in the pursuit of horological perfection. The brand’s range centres on five unique collections: the Marine, the Diver, the Classico, the Blast and the Freak.

The Marine collection pays tribute to Ulysse Nardin’s long history with the sea. It has been designed with definitive technical performance to be an authority in nautical timekeeping precision. The collection includes the Marine Torpilleur, which takes its name from a 19th-century torpedo ship.

The Diver collection consists of men’s and ladies’ timepieces that double as highly reliable diving instruments. Featuring unidirectional rotating bezels and water resistance up to 300 metres, these chronographs have a sporty yet sophisticated personality for those who love to be in the sea.

The Blast collection is instantly recognisable with its ultra-modern designs and intricate detailing. Complexity and attention to detail are at the heart of the Blast timepieces, with a design feature that sees the watch’s components appearing to float over the dial. Choose from a range of strap styles including blue rubber and black alligator leather.

Finally, the Freak collection delivers a range of watches that are some of the most avant-garde on the market. Here, the traditional crown and hands have been removed from the design. Instead, two bridges revolve around a central system with their movement indicating the time in both hours and minutes.

The silicon used in the components of the Ulysse Nardin watches in the Freak collection form the latest revolution in watchmaking. This is due to the material’s lightness, hardness and anti-magnetic qualities. Designs come in a range of colourways including brown, black and blue alligator straps and cases are available in titanium, gold and rose gold options.

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